Teacher Appreciation Blanket


Teacher Appreciation Blanket

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2020 has taught us more than any other time that teachers are irreplaceable. Show your teacher your appreciation by creating a Teacher Appreciation woven blanket! This unique gift will be one your teacher will treasure for a lifetime. Each word written by the student will be woven with yarn into the blanket. We use our biggest blanket to create our Teacher Appreciation blankets, 60x80 inches. 



In one blank standard size sheet of paper, have each student write a note of appreciation to their teacher. Each note should average about 8 words to make sure they can all fit in the blanket. Each blanket can fit about 24 students. 

You can use multiple sheets of paper if students have bigger handwriting, as is the case with elementary students.

Scan your sheets and upload them here (make sure when you scan them, they are clear, without any obvious shadows.

We will send proof of your blanket within the next 3 business days, so check all your folders (including spam) from an email from us (contact@bellaandfranco.com).